Melbourne container volumes slump in April

The Port of Melbourne saw a 5 per cent drop in its container volumes in April 2022 – only handling 255,193 TEU.

The port also reported a 6.9 per cent year-on-year decline in containers in March.

Year-to-date volumes are currently tracking 1.6 per cent below the same period in 2021. The Port of Melbourne is also expecting a reduction in May volumes.

Overall Aprill 2022 container trade results were as follows:

Full overseas container imports 2.5 per cent below April 2021 with year-to-date volumes down 2.3 per cent.
Full overseas container exports 9.8 per cent below April 2021 with year-to-date volumes down 6.2 per cent.
Full container transhipments were 14.2 per cent below April 2021 with year-to-date volumes down 7.7 per cent.
Full container trade between Melbourne and Tasmania (excluding transhipments) decreased 2.8 per cent on April 2021 to total 17,352 TEU with year-to-date volumes down 1.0 per cent.
Total empty container movements were 3.9 per cent below April 2021 totalling 68,830 TEU with year-to-date volumes up 3.3 per cent.
While the on-gong lockdown in Shanghai continues to affect global supply chains, local Australian delays have improved, according to port officials.

The Port of Melbourne also recently announced major investments to expand terminal operations at Webb Dock East.

The port has confirmed that it is working to reduce port congestion, improve efficiency, and accommodate larger ships at Australia’s largest container terminal and general cargo port.

The project will involve demolishing a redundant section of concrete and extending the quay line by 71 metres.

The contract for the works has been awarded to Fitzgerald Construction Australia and completion is scheduled for Q3 2023.

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